Showings and Virtual Selling is the next trend.
Showings and Virtual Selling is the next trend.


Open houses as we know them are dead. and everyone is terrified to show up in person to your business.

The good news is, Shoiwing and virtual selling are still alive and well.

Actually, virtual selling is exploding. The market has adapted and new tech has emerged.

You can now have live sales calls right on a 360 Virtual tour. Plus you can pass back and forth control and have shared sales conversation inside a 360 Virtual Tour experience. It’s impressive…

This means you can navigate inside of a property, apartment, alongside your prospect. They have a Question? Great, Let’s talk about it now… “O, but first let’s see the kitchen… Click”

The opportunity and the applications are endless for 360 Virtual Tours. And the smart entrepreneurs are already taking advantage of this tech.

So let me ask you a question, are you ready to catch this trend?

Have a question, click the camera icon in the 360 Virtual Tour below and lets talk.

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